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As programmatic advertising grows, so does the need to know more. How does it work? Why does it work? How can it benefit you? That's why The Trade Desk developed the Trading Academy, to bring you the answers. Simply. Clearly. Across any device.

Whether you’re a media planner looking for a primer on the basics, or a CMO looking for next-level strategies, the Trading Academy can help you become a thought leader in the digital industry’s next phenomenon: programmatic.

  • Enjoy eLearning video courses and document your studies with a certificate of completion
  • To receive certification, you will need to pass two of the Trading Academy curriculums and certification exams
  • Choose from four curriculums which can be taken individually or combined for advance study
  • Monitor your progress via online testing, including section review quizzes and a final exam

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Professional |
Programmatic Principles

Learning Path: Course 1

Best for: CMO’s and Marketers, Media Planners/Buyers, Sales/Account/Campaign Managers, Programmatic Traders

| Targeting & Data Management

Learning Path: Course 2

Best for: Media Planners/Buyers, Account/Campaign Managers, Programmatic Traders

Strategist |
Optimization & Strategy

Learning Path: Course 3

Best for: Programmatic Traders

| Omnichannel & Inventory Types

Learning Path: Course 4

Best for: CMO’s and Marketers, Media Planners/Buyers, Sales/Account/Campaign Managers, Programmatic Traders

Client Testimonials

"The content is great, insightful and very enlightening! I look forward to the certification!"

- Ching Sie Goh, Regional Financial Controller, Asia Pacific at OMGP Singapore

"We’re loving it!! Instead of bingeing on Netflix, I binged on The Trading Academy over the holidays."

- Trisha Stecker, Corporate Director of Channel Strategy & Digital Media at R&R Partners

"Kudos to the entire team of TTD for making this available. I was a Product Specialist myself at DBM for 3 years but never had such training off course, the trainings at Google were very technical and I always wanted to understand how Programmatic started."

- Anudeep Pedditi, Programmatic Manager at OMGP New Zealand

"The course is phenomenal by the way, the whole team is really enjoying it. We have a lot of new members on the team and this is giving a huge amount of context to what they do as well as giving us a ton of ideas on how to add elements to our campaign management and optimization processes."

- Christos Solomi, Executive Director at OMGP MENA

"The Trading Academy is wonderful! The dialogue and transition points are perfect. This is truly valuable content for anyone wanting to better understand programmatic and what it takes to become a ‘rockstar’ trader."

- Leslie Tucker, Media Activation & Programmatic Execution | Audience Science Group at Viacom Media Networks

"It’s without a doubt the best learning tool I’ve come across in media. It’s exceptionally well explained and goes into the right amount of detail to keep me attentive and retain the information. It’s at the perfect level of detail for my experience in programmatic too. Thanks again – I’m absolutely stoked with it."

- Peter Madani, Account Manager at Cadreon Sydney

"As someone with no prior experience in the industry, The Trading Academy has been a massive help for me in understanding not only TTD platform, but the industry landscape altogether. The videos do a fantastic job of breaking down complex topics (Ex: the very technical pieces) in ways that are easy to digest. I particularly like how they give real world examples to help you understand these things as well, rather than just stating the definitions and moving on. The quizzes are great knowledge checks as well to make sure you understood the main objectives of each section. I am eager to finish the sections left and for more to come!"

- Reid Erardy, Programmatic Optimization Manager at Everyday Health Inc

Industry Awards

Innovation in Customer Education award

The Trade Desk Trading Academy was recently recognized by Skilljar, the leading customer training program, with its first-ever Innovation in Customer Education award. The award—which honors training programs demonstrating innovation, thought leadership and industry-wide contributions—celebrates our open learning ecosystem that educates customers, employees, and the industry at large.

Content Spotlight

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Optimizing the Efficient Frontier of Branding Campaigns - Adam Heimlich, SVP Programmatic HX at Horizon Media

Trading Desks, Building a Programmatic Center of Excellence - Jay Friedman, COO Goodway Group

Data 101: Understanding and applying data to improve performance - Eric Roza, SVP Oracle Data Cloud

Trading Academy Certification offers valuable credentials to help you and your team further your business and career goals.

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