Household IP Targeting

Household Extension allows you to expand IP targeting to every device on a user's IP address. This expanded retargeting includes up to 15 users* on the same IP address.

Target IP Addresses Through The Trade Desk

Retargeting Expansion

Household Extension reaches your user and their immediate circle via a shared IP address, with 2-3x reach than your standard retargeting group.

Multi-Device Retargeting

Reach a single user on one or several devices at home or in a small office setting.

Performance Prospecting

As part of your prospecting budget, target new users within your retargeting pool's circle of influence.

Cost-Effective Bid Factoring

By aiming for the expanded retargeting audience, bid factors can be set to 1/2 your typical retargeting base bid.

*European clients, please contact your Account Manager for information regarding local availability.

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