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Exchange Wire “Creative Execution a Key Challenge: Q&A with James Patterson, GM UK, The Trade Desk” - Lindsay Rowntree

April 8, 2016…

Lindsay Rowntree

James Patterson: We, at The Trade Desk, see a rapidly growing investment in programmatic video. As online video consumption continues to fragment onto different devices and formats, programmatic video becomes even more attractive. Combining the one-to-one nature of programmatic marketing with the creative resonance of video makes for undoubtedly successful campaigns.

Creative execution is a key challenge in the advertising industry as a whole. Media buying agencies, creative agencies, brands, and technology providers need to work more closely to improve communication. It is important to note that it is not one party holding this back; but instead an industry as a whole that needs to improve the creative creation process by bringing all parties together earlier in the planning stage.

Generally, the key to an effective marketing strategy is telling a consumer a compelling story about your brand. Video is a widely regarded branding tool and a powerful vehicle for your brand’s story. The most effective way to measure branding is to buy video inventory alongside all other programmatic channels (display, native, mobile, audio, TV etc.) in one place. In the future, we do not believe that there will be a stark difference between branding and direct response budgets and strategies. We believe that planners and buyers should be working holistically; and technology can help your teams seamlessly collaborate.

Many agencies use The Trade Desk platform to measure video in various ways – viewability, player size, completion rate, video quality, skip-ability, Nielsen OCR, comScore VCE, and many more. It is core to our philosophy to have access to inventory for all channels in one platform; so you can have a highly effective video campaign whilst also messaging a consumer sequentially and frequency capping across other devices and other channels. Following an individual consumer from the top of the awareness funnel, right down to conversion, is the holy grail of marketing, and it can be achieved on The Trade Desk platform.

In the past, there has certainly been an issue with the lack of quality programmatic video available. However, this is becoming less of an issue as premium publishers embrace programmatic video and we as an industry have become better at identifying the rubbish supply. Video supply is growing; and this growth is driven by that need for quality. Reach will come into play as more and more publishers realise that programmatic is not a threat to their core business. Quite the opposite, in fact, as programmatic offers a huge opportunity for true attribution value.

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