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DMNews: “Resolved on Better Marketing for 2018: Parts One & Two”

December 27, 2017

In this look ahead to 2018, the DMNews editorial team asked marketing leaders to share their thoughts and resolutions for better marketing in the New Year.

The Trade Desk’s Chief Client Officer Brian Stempeck shared the following insights:

Brian Stempeck, Chief Client Officer, The Trade Desk

Resolved on Better Marketing for 2018: Part One

In 2018, I’m going to use marketing technology to…help the industry keep scaling connected TV. Networks and content owners have made a lot more CTV inventory available. Now advertisers can target the same audiences from their digital campaigns on the largest screen in the home. And for the first time, an advertiser can measure the precise impact of their TV advertising on sales lift. As CTV commands more spend in 2018, I think marketers will get the truest picture they’ve ever had about when their TV campaigns are working, and when they aren’t.

Resolved on Better Marketing for 2018: Part Two

In 2018, my marketing wish is for…agencies, tech companies and advertisers to collaborate together more often. One trend we started seeing in 2017 was marketers developing more internal experts focused on programmatic and data science, to work closely with their agencies and tech partners. We have some clients who pull in attribution path data and analyze it so they can give their agencies more direction on what media channels are working best. Other clients are building their own algorithms by scoring their CRM data. I think we’ll see a lot more of these collaborations in 2018.

In 2018, I hope to see…creative content catch up with programmatic advertising and cross device targeting. Programmatic advertising is mainstream now; in 2017 it grew by 27.8% to $32.5 billion. I think the next big opportunity for creative agencies is to be more data-driven and experimental. Right now, there are very few brands experimenting with telling a story across channels, for example. Today’s programmatic technology lets an advertiser sequence ads across a smartphone, laptop and connected TV, but from a creative standpoint, those channels mostly still live in silos.

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