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Adweek “Marketing to Olympic Audiences? This Infographic Could Mean Campaign Gold” - Marty Swant

August 5, 2016…

Marty Swant

Starting tonight, the world will be watching as the 2016 Olympics gets underway in Rio, potentially garnering the highest ratings for a Summer Olympics ever. That could mean big bucks for savvy companies who can target their customers with the accuracy of an Olympic archer.

The Trade Desk, a demand-side advertising platform, has created an infographic to help marketers take aim. They analyzed billions of data points about consumers around the world to see which sports people from around the world will most likely watch, as well as what other interests they have in common.

I think the big thing is for marketers to understand the audience they’re trying to go after,” said Mark Davenport, senior director of analytics at The Trade Desk. “If they know who their consumer is, they should be considering what consumers watch in different sports and try to tailor the marketing accordingly.”

Davenport said the insights could be useful in helping marketers figure out which sports they should focus their advertising dollars on. For example, swimming fans tend to like steak, which means a grill brand would be wise to advertise during, say, the 400-meter freestyle.

Another example: Golf fans tend to donate more to charity, so if you’re a nonprofit advertising during the Olympics, you might want to drive your campaign dollars toward golfers.

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