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Adweek: “How Marketers Can Prepare for Unintended Consequences of AI”

July 11, 2018

Brian Stempeck, Chief Client Officer at The Trade Desk, and contributor to Adweek’s Voice Network, believes that AI and machine learning can positively impact marketing, but there are also aspects that marketers need to be prepared for.

In this article, Brian outlines considerations marketers should take into account to ensure that human and machine each have input on planning and executing successful ad campaigns:

  • It’s time to ditch last-touch attribution
  • Media quality is one goal, but not the only goal
  • Use sales goals whenever possible

As machine learning becomes a bigger driving force in every marketing plan, marketers need to get more precise about the goals they’re putting in place. Training AI on actual business outcomes, or at least better proxies, is a better long-term approach.

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