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Introducing Koa™: the next wave of AI for the advertiser

August 1, 2018

At any given second, The Trade Desk’s platform processes around 9 million ad opportunities, data from 130 data providers, and inventory from 110 inventory partners. While we built this data set to provide buyers with granular targeting capabilities for more precise, more engaging, more relevant advertising, we also realize that media buyers and traders don’t have the time to analyze the sheer amount of data at their fingertips. They’re left to rely on hunches and back-of-the-napkin math to optimize campaigns.

So, we created Koa: our new artificial intelligence (AI) built on The Trade Desk’s massive data set to help media buyers and traders harness data patterns efficiently, bringing data-driven learnings to the forefront of advertising strategy. It’s the powerful predictive engine behind our two newest products: Megagon, our new, intuitive user interface, and Planner, our new tool that surfaces data-driven recommendations before advertisers even spend a dollar in the advertising ecosystem.

Made specifically with the advertiser in mind, Koa allows for media planning and buying decisions to be informed by data from the start. The result is less waste on learn budgets and increased return on ad spend with campaigns that have been data-predicted to reach and engage target audience pools.

Ultimately, by combining a machine’s ability to process vast amounts of data with a human’s ability to make complex, intuitive decisions, Koa empowers advertisers with an Iron Man-style suit. The advertiser is still behind the mask, making all the strategic decisions; s/he just has a little extra help from an AI jetpack.

For more information on Koa, Megagon, or Planner, please reach out to your account manager or contact us here.