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AI: The key to unlocking the super marketer

October 10, 2018
Ashutosh Gangwar
GM, Data Partnerships

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an undeniable tool in the advertising industry, bringing key data, optimizations, and insights to marketers’ fingertips. Instead of driving strategies, AI offers recommendations. It helps advertisers make more informed decisions and increase their ROI. To really illustrate the power of AI, though, I like to think of it in terms of one of my favorite TV shows from the 1980s -- Street Hawk.

For those unfamiliar with the series, ex-cop Jesse Mach is tasked with riding “Street Hawk”, an impossibly fast motorcycle. Designed to fight urban crime, Street Hawk has a central command center that beams maps and traffic updates directly into Mach’s helmet. And it’s only the combined power of the bike’s advanced machinery, the data provided by the helmet, and Mach’s riding experience enable Street Hawk to be the crime-fighting super bike that it is.

It’s three decades after the show first aired, and the man-machine-data super-trio concept is still relevant – and even more so in advertising.

Consider today’s media buying platforms, which offer an unmatched combination of data and AI to advertisers. By fusing this data and AI with media buyers’ intuition and experience, brands are empowered with their own version of Street Hawk. And we’ve entered a new era, as a result.

Humans and machines have joined forces to understand and use the large amounts of available digital data. Advertisers are responsible for wisely wielding their new AI powers to act on this data, driving more ROI from every ad dollar.

So, with the combination of human and machine power, the transformation is complete. It’s time to become super-human versions of ourselves or at least be super marketers, saving brands by delivering one positive consumer experience at a time.