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Advertiser Perceptions: A snapshot of the digital advertising industry in 2018

November 9, 2018

Advertiser Perceptions, a global business-intelligence company focused on the advertising industry, recently released their latest research. Based on 438 interviews conducted in July 2018 across marketer and advertiser contacts from The Advertiser Perceptions Media Decision Maker Database and third-party databases as needed, Advertiser Perceptions delivered a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of the industry. In addition to speaking to the industry’s growth, the report looks into the ever-changing competitive landscape, and we’re so excited to share a short recap of the results.

1. Programmatic ad buying is on the upswing, as 41% of digital ad spend will be allocated to programmatic budgets over the next 12 months.

This comes as no surprise though, considering the key challenges that programmatic technology helps to address. In fact, 43% of marketers and advertisers interviewed ranked “improved targeting capabilities” as the key benefit of programmatic advertising. “Better time and resource efficiency”, “broader reach”, and “more cost efficient than publisher direct” were tied for second place followed by “ability to leverage 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data” and “price transparency”.

2. The Trade Desk is the top-ranked multichannel buying platform -- a key leader in audience scale, technology transparency, and customer experience.

More of The Trade Desk’s users are self-serve than users of any other DSP, ranking The Trade Desk as among the leaders in customer service, responsiveness, and support. In addition, The Trade Desk is top-rated for multi-channel platform buying, also ranking highly for audience scale and reach and cost transparency.

3. Marketers and Agencies are increasingly choosing The Trade Desk as their preferred digital advertising partner.

The Trade Desk has jumped ahead in terms of purchase intent among advertisers, growing by 10%. Not to mention, with a 12% growth in Net Promoter Score (NPS), we rank as one of the top DSPs in the marketplace overall – ahead of even the closed ecosystems (platforms that limit integration with outside providers, such as inventory sources, data providers, measurement tracking, etc.). And, among independent DSPs (or buy-side-only platforms whose parent company doesn’t also own media properties and doesn’t own or operate a sell-side platform), we’re leading the charge, instilling the highest buying intention in marketers and advertisers.

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