5 time-saving tips for superpowering your Q4

September 11, 2019

Q4 is a challenging time, even for the most epic superheroes among us. Time is scarce, deadlines are tight, and quarterly goals still need to be met. So we’ve put together a few tips — and launched some new features — to help you save time during the Q4 crunch and keep your eye on the ball when it comes to strategic planning.

1. Smash your KPIs by simplifying your workflow

Programmatic can be complex enough without dedicating hours to manually configuring every campaign. Find ways to streamline your workflow to minimize some of the more tedious, time-consuming tasks. Like end-of-year budget shuffling. With new enhancements to our AutoAllocator tool, you can automatically prioritize daily budgets to your highest-performing ad groups, without the need for constant monitoring and manual adjustments.

2. Automate what you can with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just a buzzword. In programmatic, it can help you focus on big-picture strategy by tackling simpler tasks more efficiently. Koa Interest Targeting — backed by our Koa AI — lets you create audiences from a list of 18 high-level interest categories, helping you improve behavioral targeting with just a few clicks and automatically push spend to the best-performing segments.

3. Look for (the right kind of) shortcuts

We’re all for putting in the work needed to get the job done. But let’s face it, some corners were meant to be cut. Case in point: Updating ad groups. With Bulk Edits via Spreadsheet, you can export ad group settings across multiple campaigns into one CSV file, edit those settings, and upload them back into the platform, updating them all at once. Save even more time by bulk cloning campaigns and ad groups.

4. Plan smarter to finish the year strong

Putting in the necessary legwork during the planning phase of a campaign is the best way to ensure your campaign will be successful. How successful? Campaigns generated by our Planner tool can perform up to 30% stronger right out of the gate. And now you can generate Planner ad groups and apply them to existing campaigns, with built-in best practices so you spend less time manually optimizing.

5. Up your retargeting game

Retargeting is an essential tool in any trader’s utility belt. And new advances in AI are making it more accurate — and less time-consuming — than ever before. With Koa Retargeting, you can consolidate your retargeting strategy into a single ad group. Koa scores each first-party user for you by analyzing attributes like geo, site history, and more, so you can maximize performance more quickly and with less effort.


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