Marketplace Quality

Buy in confidence and protect your brand with The Trade Desk’s marketplace quality solutions.

The Trade Desk is committed to supporting the continued growth of the programmatic advertising industry. That’s why we’ve assembled a dedicated Marketplace Quality team and invested in building superior Marketplace Quality products and partnerships. The efforts are aimed at ensuring each impression we bid on meets the highest standards across brand safety, which ensures that ads appear alongside desirable content, and fraud prevention, which blocks the delivery of ads to non-human, invalid traffic (SIVT).

Marketplace Quality Efforts

Below outlines a selection of our latest Marketplace Quality efforts.

  • Combating Fraud
  • Ensuring Brand Safety

Fraud Blocking with White Ops

In addition to blocking fraudulent impressions with in-house proprietary models, The Trade Desk has integrated with White Ops, an industry leading cyber security firm, to scan biddable impressions and block any deemed fraudulent before purchase. This industry-leading, platform-level integration is the first of its kind—positioned to defund ad fraud at scale.

Check out the press release to learn more about this partnership.

Increasing Supply Chain Transparency with Ads.txt

The Trade Desk blocks unauthorized impressions using data made available by the Ads.txt initiative. Blocking unauthorized traffic benefits both advertisers and publishers—where advertisers can buy confidently knowing their programmatic media investments are secure and participating publishers can capture as many ad dollars as possible by preventing misrepresentation and theft.

Brand Safety Controls with leading third-party solutions

We’ve integrated The Trade Desk platform with pre-bid solutions from industry-leading partners such as DoubleVerify, Grapeshot, Integral Ad Science, and Peer39 by Sizmek. These integrations tools give advertisers the controls they need to position their brands alongside desirable content.