Gold Standard

Gold Standard is one of our many commitments to promote a fair and transparent programmatic marketplace.

As part of our commitment to promote a fair and transparent programmatic advertising marketplace, The Trade Desk has created the Gold Standard – a set of guidelines designed to help standardize the industry's billing, pricing, and data practices across supply-side platforms (SSPs). Our goal is to do everything we can to ensure media buyers and sellers have clear insight into and control over their transactions.

In this effort to systematize and improve the industry, The Trade Desk pledges to continuously work with suppliers in reviewing their compliance to the Gold Standard initiative. This alliance is built upon six pillars, all of which work towards the goal of creating a more transparent and clean marketplace.

To learn more about the Gold Standard, please contact your TTD representative.

The Gold Standard: A transparent supply chain

  • Forward Market
  • Transparent Auction Mechanics
  • Standardized Financial Reporting
  • Guaranteed Marketplace Quality
  • White Ops Verified