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SEAT Spain drives 7.78% lift in dealership visits

This leading automotive brand gets data-driven to drive more foot traffic than ever before. Measurement made all the difference.


Measurement might be the single most important aspect of advertising, especially in today’s data-driven era. Measuring how many people saw an ad campaign and whether that exposure resulted in an increase in a specific action is necessary to understanding if a campaign is effective. Perhaps even more important, measurement helps advertisers understand why a campaign was or wasn’t effective, and those insights can be used to inform and refine subsequent campaigns.

This was the challenge confronting the advertisers of SEAT, a leading Spanish automotive brand, who wanted to rethink their advertising campaigns to drive additional foot traffic to their flagship dealership, CarStore. In mapping out the challenge, they decided to focus on audiences who were already in-market and interested in cars in the same price range as SEAT. They also sought out audiences who were physically located close to the SEAT GarStore in Spain. And like any data-driven brand, in addition to driving store visits, SEAT wanted to understand how and why the campaign was performing, so that insight could be used to adapt the campaign moving forward.


First things first. To understand the value of their digital campaign, SEAT needed to find out how many additional visits they were able to drive as a result of their advertising Investment. To accomplish this, SEAT set up a geofence campaign with Adsquare, a location-measurement partner that mapped the SEAT GarStore in Spain as a point of interest (POI) based on latitude and longitude.

By leveraging an existing integration, Adsquare pushed location data to

The Trade Desk, allowing SEAT to bid on impressions anytime someone in their target audience was near the dealership. SEAT also implemented an Adsquare pixel that only fired when a user who had been exposed to an ad visited the CarStore. Using this conversion event, SEAT set up a Conversion Lift experiment on our platform to measure the incremental impact of their ads on driving foot traffic to the dealership.


This data-driven approach paid significant dividends. Based on the results from the Conversion Lift experiment, SEAT saw a 7.78 percent lift in visits to their CarStore among their target audience, a better performance than SEAT had experienced with any previous ad campaign. Thanks to the success of the campaign, SEAT now has proof of which types of advertising are most effective in driving consumer actions. And an insight like that can power many future campaigns.

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