BuiltInNYC: The Trade Desk's engineering culture emphasizes diversity, dedication and collaboration

This article spotlights four engineering team members from The Trade Desk’s New York office to learn more about their team culture, their tech, and their collaboration across the world. Hear from Lead Software Engineer Tim Caro, Data Analyst Samantha Emanuele, Senior Software Engineer Kruti Doshi, and Software Engineer Carlos Orrego about their teams, the projects they’re working on, and what sets The Trade Desk apart from other engineering environments they’ve worked in.

This BuiltInNYC feature explains that in the ever-evolving advertising industry, The Trade Desk has built a global team that values collaboration, dedication, diversity, and critical thinking. Though they deal with vast quantities of data, processed at rapid speeds, the engineers within the company are encouraged to own their work, go at their own pace, and ask for mentorship and resources when and where they need support.