52 Percent of Indonesians interested in new brands during online shopping festivals

The Trade Desk enables marketers to boost online sales opportunities through its new media trading platform, Solimar

Jakarta, 19 August, 2021 — Indonesian consumers have much to look forward to with the upcoming online shopping festivals such as 10.10, 11.11 Singles’ Day and 12.12, also known as Harbolnas. The Trade Desk (NASDAQ: TTD), a leading global advertising technology company, today released the 2021 Indonesia Online Shopping Festival Trends Report, which reveals that more than half of Indonesians (52 percent) are keen to learn about new brands during online shopping festivals. The report spotlights emerging consumer insights during the most anticipated online shopping festivals and outlines how marketers can drive top-of-mind brand awareness through The Trade Desk’s new platform, Solimar, to maximise consumer buying opportunities.

The research shows that eight out of 10 (82 percent) Indonesians shop online at least once per month and one in four make online purchases several times a week or more. Amongst these online shoppers, there are two distinct personas highlighted within the report – ‘planners’ and ‘impulse’ shoppers. Nearly two in three (64 percent) frequent online shoppers described themselves as ‘planners’ who research their purchases ahead of time. However, during online shopping festivals, some of these ‘planners’ become impulsive, with the proportion of ‘impulse’ shoppers rising by nearly two-fold. In fact, 42 percent of these ‘planners’ admitted to spending more during online shopping festivals, presenting an opportunity for marketers to develop strategies to reach and influence these shoppers.

The research also shows that Indonesians tend to be ‘brand switchers,’ with two in five (44 percent) Indonesians being indifferent or neutral to the brands they currently use, while more than half of them (52 percent) are interested to learn about new brands during online shopping festivals. Although the data shows low brand loyalty amongst Indonesian shoppers, marketers have an opportunity to invest more to drive greater brand awareness, consideration and recall, staying top-of-mind for these consumers.

Reflecting on the research findings, Florencia Eka, Country Manager of The Trade Desk in Indonesia, said, “Online shopping festivals present both a challenge and an opportunity for marketers. With one in two consumers interested to learn about new brands during this time, modern marketers should look beyond last-mile marketing and focus on driving brand fundamentals to retain existing customers who may not be brand loyal. At the same time, marketers who are consistently investing in brand awareness efforts may win new customers from competitors.” On the same note, brands who repeatedly reach consumers throughout their purchase journey are more likely to positively influence ‘planned’ shoppers who researches far in advance of the actual online shopping festival. Those who embark on a consistent brand approach will also increase the likelihood of capturing more ‘impulse’ customers during this period.

M J Fadloan Ashari, Head Of Digital, PT Gondowangi Tradisional Kosmetika, commented, “As a company that produces hair and skincare with natural ingredients, such as Natur Hair Care and Natur Skin Care, we are embracing a full-funnel mindset that reaches consumers at every stage of the purchasing journey. As such, we are doubling down on our branding initiatives to engage meaningfully with our consumers.”

The report also highlights the growing importance of over-the-top (OTT) as a channel to drive brand awareness. In the last five months alone, the number of Indonesians who say they spend time watching over-the-top (OTT) has grown 12 percent. With more Indonesians streaming TV and movies online, it comes as no surprise that almost half (48 percent) of frequent online shoppers reported that they are learning about deals and promotions from advertisements that run on these OTT platforms. The Trade Desk has recently launched a new media buying platform called Solimar to help modern marketers optimise these valuable opportunities.

Designed in response to a rapidly evolving digital market environment, Solimar addresses key concerns for today’s marketers, including the secure onboarding of first-party data; the need to connect marketing and brand performance to business growth goals and an increasingly cross-channel digital media environment including the fast-growing world of OTT.

Major new features of Solimar include:

  • Advanced marketing and business goal setting that allows marketers to optimize campaigns more precisely with The Trade Desk’s advanced KOA AI tools.
  • The industry’s easiest and most secure onboard ramps for first-party advertiser data.
  • The industry’s most advanced measurement marketplace for marketers and one constantly optimizes campaigns based on real-time performance.
  • A simplified and more powerful user experience that surfaces the strategic decisions critical to the success of a campaign.

Commenting on how Solimar would add value to marketers in Indonesia, Florencia added, “As marketers in Indonesia accelerate their digital spend, they are increasingly embracing data-driven advertising. Solimar represents a much-needed innovation where The Trade Desk is bringing the promise of making data work smarter for marketers. Through the power of advanced AI technology, Solimar enables marketers to optimize performance across all digital advertising channels.”

With the advancement that Solimar offers, modern marketers can now take advantage of The Trade Desk's powerful data-driven advertising platform to plan and execute successful marketing campaigns for the upcoming online mega sales season.


All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Singapore Pte Ltd. Total sample size was 2,181 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 08 - 12 July 2021. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all Indonesian adults (aged 18+) online.

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