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Introducing the Next Wave of Advertising

June 27, 2018

When The Trade Desk was created in 2009, our founders planted roots in Ventura, California. It’s in this soulful surf town, nestled between Malibu and Santa Barbara, where we built a global technology company that is changing the way media is bought and sold.

The Next Wave is bringing advanced advertising technology to our customers around the world. We set out to offer advertisers data-driven insights to plan, forecast, and buy digital media more efficiently through our release of three transformative products:

  • Koa™ is our powerful AI designed to improve advertisers’ decisioning and campaign performance. Koa’s robust and transparent forecasting engine is built on The Trade Desk’s valuable data set – including nearly nine million queries every second – to help buyers extend their audience reach and spend more efficiently.

  • The Trade Desk Planner is our new data-driven media planning tool that delivers audience insights and informs ad strategies across channels and devices.

  • Megagon™ is our intuitive new user interface that proactively surfaces Koa recommendations alongside campaigns to help advertisers make real-time optimization decisions. Megagon helps buyers save time and advertising budget without sacrificing transparency and control.

The result offers advertisers three key benefits:

1. Power to easily plan and immediately activate cross-channel campaigns that identify high-value advertising opportunities before a single dollar is even spent in the market.

2. Visibility into the impact that the setting or optimization has on the scope and spend for each campaign.

3. Ability to make smarter, more effective optimization with customized, data-driven recommendations through our new predictive AI Koa™.

This is the Next Wave of digital advertising. And it’s finally here.

To experience the Next Wave, reach out to your designated account manager or our business team.