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Introducing the Next Wave of Media Planning

July 25, 2018

When The Trade Desk began as a demand-side platform (DSP) back in 2009, we were focused solely on helping advertisers buy display advertising inventory. Fast-forward to today, and we’re helping brands reach and engage their audiences across nearly every digital media channel – from connected TV (CTV) to mobile to audio and native advertising. And as our clients continue to look to us for strategic guidance about how to do more upfront planning of their advertising campaigns, we’ve noticed that there is often a divide between the strategic planning teams and the media buying teams.

Considering that the job of a media planner is to determine the best combination of media for brands to reach their desired audiences and achieve their marketing campaign objectives, there’s no doubt that media planners should have visibility into how their plans translate to the actual media being bought.

And now they can have more visibility than ever before.

Meet The Trade Desk’s Planner: our new tool to empower media planners with the ability to create insight-driven plans on-the-fly by bringing the buying and planning processes closer together.

In other words, media planners can now quickly and easily access the insights that result from their actual digital media buys. They can tap into the data our platform sees across the internet to understand audience behavior and trends before ever spending a dollar. No longer will brands need to rely on learn budgets and past successes to understand how their present-day media plans will perform. With the help of Planner, they can plan for and execute on data-driven strategies from the start, leading to stronger performance and better advertising.

All it takes is a few minutes. Planners enter key campaign details, like budget, KPIs, target audience, and desired channels, and, with the help of Koa™ the predictive engine behind Planner, the tool analyzes all the data available in our platform to provide users surface insights. By including demographics, top sites, operating systems, devices to target -- even budget recommendations based on historical channel performance -- Planner is helping media planners plan more informed and more efficient campaigns.

For more information on Planner, please reach out to your account manager or contact us here.