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Identity Alliance: Reaching consumers no matter which mask they’re wearing

October 25, 2018
Ed Chater
VP, NA Client Services and Global Trading Excellence

Halloween is upon us. But, for marketers, October 31st is not the only day of the year that people can switch identities at the drop (or the addition) of a hat.

Think about your typical day as a consumer. In the morning, you might fancy yourself a journalist, investigating the latest news stories on your laptop. During your commute, you transform into an NFL coach, updating your Fantasy roster based on the competition. You reach the office, and you’re a careerist, focused only on the desktop screen before you. And in the evening, you wrap up the day alongside the audience of your favorite comedian, streaming content on your smart TV. Regardless of what form your various identities take, each of those personas represents a guised version of yourself, masked by the device in use.

So, in the spirit of Halloween, we’re here to help advertisers reach their audience no matter which mask they’re wearing. It all boils down to understanding who consumers are – how they engage, which devices they use, which channels they browse. And it’s precisely why cross-device technologies strive to empower advertisers with comprehensive insight into consumers’ digital DNA. With an ultimate goal of creating a more accurate picture of consumers’ digital identities, cross-device graphs help advertisers deliver better, more relevant marketing experiences.

But it’s not as simple as choosing a single cross-device vendor. Rather, the key lies in recognizing that the overlap in digital IDs between different vendors is actually quite low. Each vendor has its own corner of the market and contributes its own, unique views of consumer identity. Advertisers that rely on a single partner are likely missing out on a large portion of the consumer identity pie.

For this reason, we introduced Identity Alliance, a technology that allows advertisers to scale identity effectively. With our “four cross-device graphs are better than one” approach, we incorporate data from all the major industry players -- TapAd, Drawbridge, Oracle Data Cloud’s Crosswise, and AdBrain -- to offer advertisers high-quality cross-device matching. And for advertisers that use Identity Alliance, the result is our ability to expand audience reach by over 196% versus when they choose one vendor.

At the end of the day, the goal of every advertiser is the same: to reach consumers with relevant advertising no matter how they’re choosing to browse. And that’s precisely the result that Identity Alliance enables. Looking across all four cross-device vendors at the same moment an advertiser places a bid on an ad, Identity Alliance helps ensure the ad is ultimately delivered to the right person no matter which device they’re using.

For more information on how you can use Identity Alliance across your campaigns, please reach out to your account manager or email us at