What do the Presidential candidates really know about Ohio Voters?

October 3, 2016

The 2016 presidential election has been unprecedented in almost every aspect. Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton themselves, their debates and their unique campaign strategies, this race has already made history and will surely be studied for years to come. For marketers, the biggest shift has been in each candidate’s digital ad spend throughout their campaigns. Digital ad spending has nearly tripled since the 2012 election, climbing to 10 percent of total election spend, from 3.6 percent a few years ago, or about $1 billion compared to $270 million.

With media consumption at an all time high, it’s certainly no surprise that budgets have followed voters’ eyeballs to the digital landscape. Now, in addition to strategizing which medium is the best way to reach voters, marketers are also accounting for which device, what time of day, which region and which issue for messaging. As a result, campaign managers have transformed aspects of their strategy in favor of highly targeted, niche messaging to constituents through programmatic marketing. With Election Day right around the corner, this granular tactic especially comes in handy with the notorious swing states, where it’s truly anybody’s game. Now is a good time for both camps to brush up on what voters look like in Ohio.

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