The Joys of Spring: Sunshine, Baseball, and Huge Opportunities for Mobile Advertising

April 18, 2018
by Emmy Richmond – Data Partnerships Director
Tags: Mobile

For cities like Chicago, the start of spring is an exciting time, especially after being hunkered down for the bulk of a notoriously brutal winter. This shift to sunshine offers bright opportunities for brands and advertisers to reach customers wherever their activities take them with a strong location-based mobile strategy.

Imagine that a beverage business that we’ll call Chicago Soda Pop is rolling out its latest refreshment – sparkling lemonade – just in time for spring. Chicago Soda Pop sells its drinks all over the city, but its most profitable locations include major tourist destinations such as baseball stadiums, museums, and local chain stores.

As we find ourselves in the midst of baseball season, the opportunity to reach the floods of fans swarming Wrigley and US Cellular stadiums is here! Mobile data, specifically location-based targeting, is the ideal strategy to help Chicago Soda Pop stay top of mind when fans get thirsty at a game. Here are some strategies we recommend:

Define your ideal audience

For starters, decide precisely who fits into your target audience. Chicago Soda Pop knows its drinks are popular among sports fans, so beginning with a baseball fan audience is an easy home run.

Chicago Soda Pop can use location data companies like Factual to create a custom audience segment based on the individuals who have visited Chicago’s Wrigley and US Cellular stadiums in the past year. If they’ve attended a game before, chances are they’ll do it again.

Identify the perfect setting for a thirst-quenching strategy

It’s important to identify precisely when and where makes the most sense to reach your target audience. Chicago Soda Pop might want to target them on their commute to the game, so that these consumers will be ready to purchase a sparkling lemonade by the time they get to the stadium.

Use real-time location targeting to reach your ideal audience in those precise moments. For consumers taking the train to the stadium, why not serve ads when they arrive at each train stop on their way to the game? Or you might want to target users who drive themselves to the stadium with tailored audio ads when they are within a set radius of the field.

As your existing and potential customers head out to this season’s ball games, or wherever their outdoor activities take them this spring, a solid mobile strategy can ensure you reach them with relevant advertising during their day. For more information or a customized strategy for your campaign, reach out to [email protected] or your main point of contact at The Trade Desk.

Tags: Mobile