Industry Insights: Our February Must-Reads

February 28, 2018
Tags: Mobile, Data

The buzz never stops for digital advertising – and February’s news circuit was no exception. From mobile growth to the opportunity beyond walled gardens to yet another digital audio giant turning to programmatic to help fill their audio slots, digital is continuing its steady growth. Here are our top three favorite reads this month from across the industry:

1. From B2C: The Ever Changing Face of Mobile Advertising and What It Means for Marketers

Global mobile advertising is set to top 244.57 Billion dollars by 2022.”

Mobile Advertising’s growth and growing importance in the digital advertising sphere is undeniable. As mobile continues to take over as the primary device for consumers everywhere – whether they’re reading the news, streaming a sports game, or listening to music – the need for marketers to reach their audience with seamless mobile advertising experiences is clear.

2. From Recode: The New York Times digital paywall business is growing as fast as Facebook and faster than Google

The paper brought in $340 million in online subscriptions for 2017, a 46 percent spike over the previous year. Even more impressive: that’s also the average annual growth rate since the paywall started in 2011. That equals Facebook, which grew its business 47 percent last year, and it’s much faster than Google, which grew at a 23 percent clip. The Times’ overall digital business, by the way, is growing by 30 percent, altogether faster than Google.”

As marketers and advertisers, we often get so caught up in all things Google and Facebook that we forget that there’s an entire internet universe outside the Duopoloy. And that universe outside of, what the advertising industry calls, the “walled gardens” makes up more than half of the average consumers’ time spent online. This is no more evident than in the growth showcased by the New York Times, and it represents a huge opportunity for marketers to reach and engage their target audiences on premium publishers.

3. From Digiday: The Current State of Advertising Data, in 5 Charts

“Unsurprisingly, the markets that spend the most on programmatic and general display advertising also spend the most on audience data. The U.S. and China lead the pack, with $31 billion and $6 billion, respectively, spent on programmatic advertising in 2017, according to The U.K. was third with $4.4 billion in programmatic spend in 2017, followed by Canada, Germany and France.”

As global spend on audience data grows in parallel to that of programmatic, the power of combining granular audience data with programmatic technology has never been clearer. As marketers continue to invest in consumer data, they’re empowered with more precise targeting for their programmatic advertising strategies. The result is a win-win: better, more relevant ads for consumers and more impactful, higher ROI ad strategies for marketers – driving higher spend as a result.

Tags: Mobile, Data