Industry Insights: Our August Must-Reads

August 29, 2018
Tags: Connected TV

From the growing transition toward AI-driven strategies, to the slow but certain transition to a 5G world, to China assuming second place in the TV market race, the August news circuit has marked a series of shifts across the digital advertising industry. It’s crucial advertisers take note of these trends as we enter the latter half of the year and begin planning for the next.

1. Harvard Business Review: Why AI Will Shift Decision Making from the C-Suite to the Front Line

“But, by using AI to increase the effectiveness of the decisions employees are making, the need to control and centralize decisions essentially evaporates. Best practices show how democratization can bring about quicker and better distributed decisions, making companies more agile and responsive to market changes and opportunities.”

AI has been strewn across every industry’s headlines recently, as companies work to determine the right balance between all things man and machine. In digital advertising, man and machine are finding their own harmony. The key lies in empowering the people on the front lines with the knowledge of how AI works and what to do with the insights it provides.

In the digital advertising world, agency traders, media buyers and advertisers rely on AI to help process the reams of data provided by the internet. However, they remain fully responsible for the day-to-day decision-making. The combined power of the intelligence from AI and the human empathy and understanding from advertisers is helping to usher in a new wave of better advertising across the internet.

2. The Drum: China overtakes the UK to become the second biggest TV market in the world

“’As digital entertainment viewership gains traction, advertisers are gradually moving more of their budgets to digital platforms,’ Teoh said. ‘We expect online companies to overtake TV broadcaster spending in 2018, if the content creation spree persists.’”

Sure, the headline focuses on the overall TV market, but the key to TV’s growth in China comes from the leapfrog effect. As China’s new middle class emerges, they continue to skip over traditional TV in favor of more easily accessible and cheaper streaming options. Especially considering the widespread adoption of the internet in a country the size of China, it comes as no surprise that digital television is already surpassing that of traditional cable. And the key to sustaining the growth of digital content, quality and variety, comes in the form of advertising.

3. CNBC: The way you get TV and internet at home is about to change drastically — for the better

“The way you get and use both TV and internet in your home is about to change drastically … The current wireless standard offered by Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint — 4G LTE — is fast but not quite fast enough for an entire house of people to play games and stream 4K movies at the same time. It makes a poor replacement for wired broadband. The technology for 5G is fast enough for that, and you can forget the cords. It’s just as reliable as the wired broadband internet you’re used to, and it could save you a lot of headaches.”

While only being introduced to a select four cities in the US at this point, 5G will continue to be rolled out nationwide over the next year. And it’s sure to have transformative effects on all things digital and television. The adoption of 5G will further accelerate the shift to streaming. Coaxial cables, and even ethernet ones, will cease to exist. Only to be replaced by a single box that instantaneously and wirelessly connects to the internet, providing immediate access to digital TV options. So, while we’re not living in a 5G world just yet, savvy advertisers will stay ahead of this new and approaching era – using this time to understand connected TV strategies for their growing streaming audiences.

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Tags: Connected TV