Get to know your Winter Games Asia-Pacific followers better

March 21, 2018
Tags: Data

Australian columnist and ex-sports star Peter FitzSimons recently threw the cat amongst the pigeons when he suggested buzz around the Winter Games was almost nonexistent in his home country.

The data begs to differ. Our business intelligence team dived deep into the habits of internet users in Asia-Pacific during the global events, utilising lookalike modeling, third-party data and location tracking. Ultimately, our data revealed that in fact Australians took the gold as the most committed fans of the sporting event in the region, and the Japanese followed closely behind on the silver medal podium.

So, in honor of the competitive spirit of the Winter Games, let’s compare the profiles of fans from each of these two great sporting nations.


Aussie Winter Games fans are big spenders of electronic items and fashion-related goods, and are living in Australia’s largest cities, like Sydney and Melbourne.

Additionally, for companies targeting health enthusiasts, the Australian Winter Games audience may be a great place to start. Our data suggests that their hobbies and interests include health and fitness, which may explain some of their appeal for sporting events like this. The data also revealed that education and career are also high on their priority list and many of them are job seekers.

Regarding the optimal time to reach these followers, our data showed that they tend to conduct their research on desktop computers around 1 pm on Fridays, possibly because users are winding down and wrapping up their week with a little internet surfing.


By contrast, Japanese fans generally had their eyes on more worldly pursuits, such as international travel. Our data revealed that many Japanese fans of the global winter sporting events are keen international travelers, and the U.S., especially California, is their preferred travel destination.

It was also evident that winter sports vacations are highly sought after by the Japanese fans and they are looking for bargain flights to get to their destinations.

No surprises here, but the data concluded that the Japanese are passionate about following all sorts of sports, with events like the Winter Games high on their list.

Besides travel and sports, they also love spending time on home decor and gardening. Most Japanese Winter Games fans are based in Kanagawa and Aichi Prefectures, the data showed.

Tags: Data