Behind People of Programmatic

July 5, 2016
by Kayla Vatalaro – Director of Global Talent Acquisition

At The Trade Desk, we love stories. Though our platform is rooted in technology, when you boil down what our pipes are doing, we’re really helping marketers tell their stories cohesively and memorably across all touch points.

And now, it’s our turn.

As you may have noticed, we recently launched our People of Programmatic campaign, in partnership with Digiday. The concept is a play on the popular Humans of New York blog and books, which so enchantingly captures the stories of New Yorkers and beyond. The Trade Desk is filled with interesting and unique characters, who each took their own path to get here and we wanted to share their perspective in the same way.

Their stances are distinct, their backgrounds are different and their stories are great. Don’t just take my word for it, read the series of interviews and see for yourself.    

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