Mike Davis

VP of Innovation

As VP of Innovation, Mike Davis is in charge of designing The Trade Desk's technology leadership in the programmatic space. He is a veteran of the software industry with 15 years of experience designing and developing software systems. Mike has founded two other startups and worked for both small development shops and industry titans. His career started as an architect and senior developer at Sun Microsystems in the Connected Network Systems division and was also an architect in the Sun Java Center consulting practice. Davis came to The Trade Desk after founding his most recent start-up, Centripetal Software, a comprehensive backup solution, transfer software, and database for SAAS business users.

Before Centripetal, he was a senior technical program manager at Microsoft where he worked on .Net languages and compilers, enterprise modeling tools, and an online advertising exchange. Davis spent his last year with Microsoft working on the AdECN team, leading the technical integration efforts with demand side platforms and well as internal Microsoft ad serving and network infrastructure.