Video on an RTB platform — that's great. Video on a true omnichannel RTB platform — that's incredible.

We can all agree that there’s no channel quite like video. Its ability to captivate us, create connections, and inspire action is unlike any other format available in advertising.

Achieve both branding and direct response goals, then measure the impact of your campaign with The Trade Desk's suite of video products. We offer you the ability to leverage video audiences across the rest of your digital buy — tracking the entire customer experience so you can make better holistic decisions.

As always, you maintain complete control of your video campaign from start to finish with access to every metric along the way — viewable from the moment you log in to the platform.

As part of our video offering, The Trade Desk is integrated with leading measurement and analytics companies including The Nielsen Company, Vizu, and comScore. We are also integrated with all of the major video advertising exchanges, including: SpotX, BrightRoll, Adap.TV, and Google.

Use The Trade Desk’s RTB Platform for all Video Types:

  • Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll
  • In-stream video
  • 15-, 30-, and 60-second inventory
  • Includes companion banners
  • Ability to host creative directly and support 3rd party tags

All of The Trade Desk’s Display Capabilities are Available in Video, Including:

  1. Audience targeting just like television, but with even more robust targeting options
  2. Audience targeting via third-party data
  3. Lookalike modeling: build audience models based on insights
  4. Geo-zone targeting: price impressions by a user’s proximity to a location
  5. Contextual and site retargeting
  6. IP Targeting
  7. Retargeting, including video event and search retargeting
  8. Great for branding on thousands of sites from ABC to USA Today

Robust, Transparent, and Detailed Reporting:

  • View performance for video, display, and mobile in one report
  • Same granularity as display reporting today, which is more detailed than any other DSP
  • Additional video-specific metrics, i.e. completion rate quartiles

Leverage video insights across the rest of your digital buy for more strategic cross-device decisioning.