Music goes where other media can’t—on your commute, at the gym, or at the office—making it the ideal place to share personal and tailored brand messages. For the first time, brands can target audiences based on the music they’re listening to, delivering contextually relevant messages like never before.

Partnerships with the world’s largest supply sources for audio inventory are coming soon to The Trade Desk. Precision targeting enables you to insert your message across relevant playlists and digital radio content, advertising to millions of consumers around the world. Utilize the same real-time decisioning tools from your video, mobile, and cross-device campaign to effectively reach your audience throughout their customer journey.

The modern day audio listener consumes content during their early morning workout, at work, and in the comfort of their own home. This specific first party data combined with the capabilities of The Trade Desk’s platform will revolutionize the way your brand message is heard.


Read our white paper on programmatic audio to learn more.