Advanced TV

TV viewers have access to quality content on nearly every device and around every corner. The Trade Desk platform helps our clients reach these viewers with one platform.

We simplify device fragmentation and aggregate all of the moving pieces of your Advanced TV campaign for seamless delivery to TV viewers whether you're reaching them on their TV, tablet, laptop, smartphone, or all four.

Manage multiple screens and continue to reach users seamlessly as you bring your omnichannel video campaigns to the big screen. All it takes is a simplified solution that aggregates each and every piece on one platform. All it takes is The Trade Desk.


Access 100% viewable, non-skippable Advanced TV inventory that you can enhance with data for addressable targeting right within The Trade Desk platform. Target devices including:

  • Desktop video
  • Mobile video
  • Tablet video
  • Gaming consoles
  • Over-the-top (OTT) devices
  • Smart TV apps

Partnerships with industry leaders allow us to offer our clients a robust inventory of premium content.

TV measurement and optimization

The Trade Desk’s partnerships with Nielsen DAR and comScore vCE allow for the measurement of the metrics you care about most when it comes to Advanced TV including Gross Rating Points, on-target percentage, and more.

Read our programmatic TV white paper to learn more.